The "Success through Solidarity" program - A look back at the 2020 A-levels Ceremony

The Prépa'Rémois Association, supported by the CANE Foundation, returned on 6 May 2020 to its year of tutoring with young people from high schools in Rheims as part of the "Success through Solidarity" program.

This web event organized in the presence of Pascal CHOQUET, Dean of the NEOMA Rheims Campus, of Jacques-Emmanuel DAUGE, Academic Inspector for Eastern France, partners, 30 high school students who were supported throughout the year and all the tutors from the A-levels unit of the Prépa'Rémois association, concluded a major venture within the "Success through Solidarity" program, for some lasting nearly 4 years.

What is the "Success through Solidarity" program?

By being based on a tutoring system, the "Success through Solidarity" program is designed to promote access to higher education for young people, regardless of their socio-cultural backgrounds, by giving them the keys to successfully engage in sectors of excellence.

"The "Success through Solidarity" program above all represents a human venture based on mutual trust. It means the ambition to move forward together, to win individual and collective victories and reach new heights!" Jacques-Emmanuel DAUGE

Victor KOMORN, in student in the 2018 PGE year-class in Rheims and President of Prépa'Rémois, reviewed the photos of the various initiatives carried out during the year for A-level students. Although a large part of the year was disrupted by the current health crisis, the volunteers of Prépa'Rémois, consisting of 140 student volunteers at NEOMA, managed to start over and rethink the format of their meetings to provide distance-learning workshops.  


The initiatives organized in 2019/2020 focused on 5 issues:

A Post-A-level project: 3 high points when A-level students were able to meet and discuss with business clients during a student forum, a high school conference and a visit to the premises of the Crédit Agricole Grand-Est bank.

“What struck me during our meeting with Crédit Agricole staff was the diversity of their profiles; I realized that there was no course or standard profile. I was particularly marked by the testimonial of a bank employee who previously was a paratrooper. His testimonial showed me that there was no fixed future.” Ayse Nur, an A-level student and beneficiary of the "Success through Solidarity" program at Prépa'Rémois since her third form.

Collaborative workshops. Inspired by the associative fabric of NEOMA, Prépa'Rémois offers meetings with the associations present on campus. The students were able to exchange with the members of the He For She association on the status of women and discuss environmental issues with the Un'iversal association through a simulation of the UN (the students took on the role ambassadors from member countries of the United Nations).

Cultural outings. Many of the students had never seen a play or an opera. Thanks to Prépa'Rémois, they were able to attend Rigoletto at the Rheims Opera, at Feminines, Silence and Fear at La Comédie and discover Asian arts during a show organized by the Confucius Institute.

A Cultural trip to Frankfurt. This 4-day trip to Germany was an opportunity to strengthen the links between tutors and tutored, and to open their eyes to another culture. On the program: communication museum, science museum, botanical garden, etc.

General culture workshops. Every two weeks, for 2 and a half hours, students take part in workshops on various themes that can be useful to them in the rest of their academic career: where to find the right resources for information? How to write a CV? How to speak in public? , etc.


“During the CV writing and cover letter workshop, I discovered that I had professional qualities that I never imagined. I did not think that being a fluent speaker of Berber, a rather rare language, could be an asset; nor that my work placements in a supermarket were considered to be professional experience! These workshops really allowed me to regain self-confidence!"  Yassine, an A-level student.

The ceremony ended with great emotion for both the tutored and tutor students. The students recognize the fact that even if they joined the "Success through Solidarity" program with a certain amount of reticence and preconceptions, they re leaving it having grown thanks to the experience with greater assurance and self-confidence after the great meetings with the tutors who have been monitoring them. But, above all, they can serenely plan to continue their studies. Medicine, Science-Po, NEOMA, all academic careers they would never have envisaged before.
So heartfelt thanks to the CANE Foundation and to all of the Prépa'Rémois partners for helping to provide these young people with an opportunity to access higher education.

Here is the organizational chart of the association's next bureau.