Academic excellence and research

Fundraising Objective €2M

To carry out its primary purpose of teaching and research, but also of international renown, NEOMA must invest massively in the development of a faculty of excellence and recruit world-renowned professors. A sine qua non condition for fully responding to the major on-going upheavals and the recruitment needs of companies, academic excellence is also a key vector for serving the School's aims in terms of visibility and recognition, particularly through rankings.

The launch of new programs or the development of existing programs

The constant development of our training offer is a natural process. Our programs must constantly anticipate changes in our environment and fully take into account current issues around sustainable transition, digital transformation, geopolitics and even the changes in business lines and practices.

“Our new programs are designed to teach change managers to be capable of setting in motion and transforming organizations from the inside. For example, the MS “Artificial Intelligence for Business” trains future executives to be capable of using AI as a source of innovation and a lever for growth, in a time when this skill is sorely lacking on the market. Close cooperation with companies is essential to ensure the relevance of our teaching and to train their employees of tomorrow.” 

Céline DAVESNE, Associate Director, DGA Programs and International markets at NEOMA

Projects to support:


  • Establishment of dedicated partnerships as part of the launch of new programs: co-construction of courses, lectures by internal experts, company cases, site visits, etc. 
  • Support for educational innovation in existing programs, via case studies and real-life scenarios specially designed for specific student groups.

Research projects

By creating know-how and disseminating new knowledge, research is part of the fundamental mission of the School, as much as teaching. It actively contributes to the quality of our courses and advances managerial practices and business performance. In 2021, NEOMA structured its research around four centers of excellence, perfectly in tune with the challenges facing businesses and society: 

  • The World We Want 
  • Future of Work 
  • AI, Data Science & Business 
  • The Complexity Advantage 

Today, these centers have more than 300 research projects in progress and have an annual objective of 250 articles in the best international academic journals. By supporting our research, you work in close conjunction with our research professors on real issues in the business world, you benefit from the latest knowledge on these subjects with a future, and you help pass on this knowledge to students. 

Projects to support:


  • Enhancement of our centers of excellence through the support of innovative research projects, the development of the doctoral program (PhD), the provision of exploratory areas and databases (trading room, databases linked to reputational risks, “company accounts” databases, etc.) 
  • Creation of new Chairs (research, teaching or combined), specialized institutes and experimental research laboratories.

The Caisse d’Epargne Grand Est Europe x NEOMA Research Chair

The Caisse d'Epargne Grand Est Europe has become a partner of the NEOMA “Bioeconomics and Sustainable Development” Chair. This partnership illustrates the ambition of Caisse d'Epargne Grand Est Europe to enrich its own analyses on ecological transition, while sharing the work of the Chair with its clients (companies, local authorities, associations, etc.). The CEGEE thus benefits from the work carried out within the Chair, from transferable business cases and tools to supervise sustainable action plans. How to succeed the ecological transition and turn it into an opportunity How industry and agriculture can both develop How to develop new sustainable products Bioeconomics, which refers to the transitional movement to replace biomass with oil, helps provide powerfully seminal answers to all these questions. Since 2012, the Chair's researchers have decoded the major issues facing companies to successfully make the ecological transition and move away from the era of fossil resources. 

The FERRERO x NEOMA Teaching Chair

The FERRERO x NEOMA Teaching Chair implements innovative teaching methodologies and stands out as an original format for co-creation between the academic and professional worlds. Its aim is to support the market leader in chocolate confectionery in France in its challenges of innovation and recruitment of new talents while offering the School an excellent testing ground for its teaching activities. Finally, it illustrates the territorial roots to which both stakeholders are profoundly attached. This Chair, called “Next Leaders with Ferrero”, is based on 3 strategic areas: experiential pedagogy, business cases on marketing, and regular meetings between Ferrero staff in France and students, in the form of lectures by company directors and managers in the Grande École Program.

The KPMG x NEOMA Teaching Chair

NEOMA and KPMG have built a partnership around a dual focus and a common DNA: entrepreneurship and research. A major player in the economic development of businesses and territories, KPMG is the official partner of the “Entrepreneurship” major of the Grande École Program. This educational commitment is reinforced by a research component, in conjunction with NEOMA's teams of research professors, in order to explore "Open innovation" practices.