Student Experience

Fundraising Objective €3M

The years spent at NEOMA have a long-lasting impact on our students. The School is committed to supporting those changes by enriching every aspect of the student experience.

Associative, artistic and sporting commitment 

A source of personal development for our students, community life allows us to combine passion, talent and performance. As such, NEOMA wants to expand its work and enhance the role of community life as a lever for learning through action. Providing support for new associative projects, helping to promote and foster a discipline, making sport accessible to all, we want to make our campuses spaces for living, exchange and experimentation.

Projects to support: 


  • Financing of student solidarity, environmental, artistic or sporting projects,
  • provision of sporting activities for students with disabilities,
  • installation of sports courses on campus.

International development 

NEOMA's objectives in terms of growth no doubt depend on the international market, and one of the levers in achieving our aims is to improve our capacity to attract the best international students to our campuses. The resulting diversity helps promote the School all around the world and enriches graduating classes by preparing our students for cultural differences.

Projects to support: 


  • Opening new representative offices,
  • enhancing international excellence scholarships,
  • organizing new recruitment events around the world…

Well-being, physical and mental health

4 years ago, NEOMA inaugurated its Wellness Center dedicated to the well-being of its students as well as prevention and care for the unhappiness certain young people have to face. Our aim today is to enhance that support in order to continue to guarantee the good physical and psychological health of our students, through a wide range of services: consultations with nurses and psychologists, workshops on self-confidence, health, nutrition, sexuality, addiction prevention, etc.

Projects to support: 


  • Financing events dedicated to health, well-being and risk prevention,
  • expanding the number of consultations with psychologists and nurses.

Educational innovation 

A recognized pioneer in educational innovation with 17 international awards received in 6 years on the subject (virtual reality, virtual campus, new I-Learning courses designed as series, etc.), NEOMA wants to maintain its lead and go further in the digital transformation we have undertaken. By making the latest technological breakthroughs central to the courses we provide, NEOMA is committed to continually improve the preparation we give students for tomorrow’s business world.

“Developing our students’ soft skills, critical thinking and ability to learn has always been NEOMA’s guiding principle. It has never been more relevant: in the age of artificial intelligence, we are cultivating human intelligence. And that makes all the difference. What we do takes precedence over what we use, and technology, which must always remain a means and not an end, is only useful if it facilitates learning. As a School, we must also ensure that students know its limits and know how to use it correctly. In some fields, AI and new technologies will not replace people; people will be needed who know how to use them.” 

Alain GOUDEY, Associate Director (DGA) Digital Technology at NEOMA

Projects to support: 


  • Installation of digital infrastructure on campuses,
  • deployment of online training offers and connected learning spaces.