Equal opportunity

Fundraising objective: €3M  

Our undertaking is that no student who has been admitted to NEOMA renounces their studies for financial reasons. Today, we wish to assert our aims in favor of equal opportunity and expand our scholarship system.

Social scholarships

We are convinced that a student's talent should not be assessed on the basis of their financial means, and are already extremely proud that 25% of the students in our programs are on scholarships. However, the amounts granted by NEOMA are not always enough and scholarship students often have to take out significant loans to finance the unsupported part of their tuition fees as well as their daily living expenses. We wish to further strengthen NEOMA's role in society by allowing every student, regardless of their background, to join our School.


“We often tell candidates that their task is to pass the entrance exam and that ours is to find the finance for their tuition fees. We have kept our word in 100% of the cases, our role being to instill confidence, and provide the means for doing so. In 22-23, we awarded 515 scholarship grants. That is already a good result but we want to go further”  

Bénédicte DULAQUAIS, Associate Director (DGA) Operations and Social and Environmental Transition at NEOMA

Isslam CLOSSON, 3rd year student of the Grande École Program 

Facts and figures: Today, NEOMA's social scholarships are 40% financed by the NEOMA Foundation and 60% by the School. Our goal for the Foundation is to have an increasingly important role in the years to come by significantly increasing the budget allocated to scholarships.

Projects to support: 


  • Doubling the amount of the grants to CROUS scholarship holders by 2026 and tripling it by 2027

Tailor-made scholarships:

Talent diversity is a key feature in NEOMA’s performance. We want to increase that wealth and allow everyone to express their full potential.

10 excellence scholarships dedicated to young women funded by Maison Veuve Clicquot

Deeply committed to common values of diversity and equal opportunity, Maison Veuve Clicquot and NEOMA have joined forces to provide ten scholarships which, each year, fully finance the tuition fees of ten French and international students from the Grande École Program. In addition to the scholarship awarded to them, students benefit from an additional assistance of €300 per month to cover their living expenses and allow them to fully concentrate on their studies. They also have the opportunity to meet members of the Maison Veuve Clicquot management committee throughout their course. These special opportunities for discussion enable access to advice about their career plans.

Jean-Philippe PETIT (PGE 07), Founder & CEO de NormanK

Projects to support: Development of new scholarships: 


  • “disability” scholarships to finance special equipment,
  • “high-level sports” scholarships to enable athletes to combine intense sporting activity and an academic career of excellence,
  • “entrepreneur” scholarships to offer students the opportunity to devote themselves fully and calmly to their business creation project,
  • scholarships financed (by companies, individuals or groups of graduates) to support young talent by financing all or part of their tuition fees.

Creating an emergency fund:

The aim of this emergency fund is to quickly provide one-off support for students facing real financial difficulties or hit by an everyday accident, and thus avoid having to drop out of their education.

Kamil BOU JAOUDE, MSc Corporate Finance, beneficiary of the emergency fund

Projects to support: 


  • Financing the emergency fund so that the most deprived students can be properly fed, pay their rent, benefit from the computer equipment necessary for their education, etc.