Fundraising Objective €2M

NEOMA has always encouraged students to develop their entrepreneurial spirit throughout their studies. Today, we want to strengthen our support to give students and graduates the opportunity to create and develop their startups in the best possible conditions.

“At NEOMA, our definition of entrepreneurship includes, of course, the creation and takeover of a business but also intrapreneurship, that is to say project management in general, which is a skill highly sought after by companies. This notion can be found in all of our programs, applied in four ways: information through conferences; awareness-raising through seminars; specialization with specific courses; support for project leaders with business incubators. In more than 10 years, our ecosystem has allowed us to launch more than 250 startups and incubate more than 100 projects each year.” 

Denis GALLOT, Director of the Rouen campus and the NEOMA Startup Lab

Optimal innovative support

In addition to teaching and specialized programs, the School benefits from a dedicated ecosystem, called the “Startup Lab”. It has three business incubators (one on each campus) and a Coding School. Joining the NEOMA Startup Lab means benefiting from support with high added value and joining an active community of motivated experts. Today, we want to develop these features by investing in our support, advice and connection systems.

Projects to support: 


  • Development of training grants,
  • expansion of the network of experts,
  • organization of inspiring events,
  • support for the digital development of the project,
  • creation of a new program consisting of a network of experienced mentors…

Going for global growth

In a “Born Global” approach, we want to give project leaders the opportunity to set up an international startup from the outset. We already provide tailor-made study trips to learn about dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world. Today, NEOMA wants to go even further in creating a global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Projects to support: 


  • Welcoming our students in university business incubators recognized for their expertise in entrepreneurship,
  • organization of international conferences and study trips to areas with high potential,
  • tailor-made training to promote the international development of startups,
  • development of partnerships between internationally renowned university business incubators…

The launch of the “Women Entrepreneurship” program

Specifically created to encourage women entrepreneurs, the “Women Entrepreneurship” program is designed to support women who create startups at every stage in the development and growth of their projects. The program provides comprehensive support to students wishing to embark on an entrepreneurial adventure, whether through mentoring, best practices or networking.

Projects to support: 


  • Campaigns to raise awareness about women entrepreneurs,
  • conferences and workshops to encourage and support female students with a project,
  • spotlighting female entrepreneurs,
  • creation of a network of role models,
  • specific support for fundraising, etc.