Changing the campuses and learning areas

Anticipating the changes in learning methods and the need to enhance their experiential features thanks to digital technology, NEOMA is a pioneer in terms of educational innovation with Immersive Virtual Reality.

NEOMA's experiential learning has been rewarded several times: Gold Award winner at the IT Night 2017, selected at the 2018 Reimagine Education Congress, awarded by the AACSB at the "Innovations that Inspire" 2018 challenge, Winner of the 2020 Digital Learning Trophies.

Today, the School is continuing its commitment to the subject and is rethinking its educational approach in depth.

Its objective: to invent a new student experience consistent with latest-generation practices and which integrates new relationships with information and knowledge.


The foundation backs the school's aims for change by helping to develop its projects

3 new campuses in 5 years in premises designed for tomorrow's type of learning


Paris: a move in 2021 to a new intramural campus welcoming 1,500 students

Rheims: a move to a single campus

Rouen: two options are under study: move to a new site or the complete transformation of the current campus

The School is to invest 300 million euros to create its open, modular campuses, promoting learning, creativity and networking.

New innovative learning areas


The deployment of modular, adaptable in real time “Augmented Learning Rooms”, which promote augmented teaching techniques and diversified systems within the same educational course.

The opening of “Creativity Rooms”, playgrounds for imagining, creating, innovating and encouraging the emergence of new ideas

56% of the students in an IFOP survey placed the development of practical rather than theoretical lessons in 1st position in terms of their expectations with respect to Higher Education.

Discover the new Parisian campus project