Academic Excellence and Research

Deploying programs and expertise

To meet the challenger of becoming the innovative contender among the leading business schools in France and worldwide, NEOMA has made academic excellence a central focus for its strategy.

Academic excellence

“Because 85% of the business lines in 2030 do not yet exist, the time for training in technical know-how and stable positions in a company is over. Our task has changed: now we must train our students in developing skills rather than business lines.” Delphine MANCEAU, Dean of NEOMA Business School

In a competitive and internationalized environment, NEOMA is betting on 2 major issues in its development:


Deployment of the program offer

Combining academic, international and professional experience, NEOMA has a wide portfolio of programs ranging from a Bachelor's degree to Executive Education.

Academic experience
Pioneer and ambassador of innovative pedagogy
A pedagogy focused on experiential learning
Teaching Humanities: societal challenges, environmental impact, tomorrow's business lines

International experience
25% international students
100 nationalities represented
360+ international academic partners in 56 countries
Courses 100% in English
International courses of the PGE: Future in Asia, Future in Europe, Future in Latin America

Professional experience
1,200 presenters from the business world
Nearly 150 companies present at each forum
6000 internships each year including 25% abroad
Nearly 1,600 work-study students

With the opening of a new campus in Paris in September 2021, NEOMA continues its development to meet the training needs of younger generations as closely as possible.

The site will welcome nearly 1,500 students on a wide range of programs: post-A-level, Specialized Master's degrees, Masters of Science as well as the Executive MBA and continuing education activities.


Recruitment on a par with the School's aims and ambitions

To back the development of the School, NEOMA has greatly strengthened its faculty with the recruitment of teacher-researchers of international scope, recognized in their fields of research and from the best academic institutions.

Through its recruitment policy, the School intends to promote academic excellence, educational innovation and high-level research.

The Faculty today means




185tenured professors
72of international teacher-researchers, 1/3 of whom are European
100of teacher-researchers holding a doctoral degree
660In 5 years: nearly 660 academic research articles published (nearly 80% graded CNRS/FNEGE quality)
85of articles published in international journals


Now a major issue in the competitiveness of the Grandes Ecoles, France's Ivy League universities, research is one of the essential criteria for international accreditation rankings and standards. Research is present in the courses, responds to business issues, and fuels public debate.  

Central to the ambitious innovation system backed by NEOMA, the School seeks to produce relevant research, covering all the disciplines in management sciences (finance, management, marketing, entrepreneurship, human resources, etc.), combining:



The ethical, humanistic and social responsibility values conveyed by our School

Business concerns and issues

And the need to train young people on the subjects on which today's and tomorrow's economy is based

Applying expertise

NEOMA is currently developing a new 360° approach with the creation of centres of expertise so that its various activities are in synergy in 4 fields: the syllabus, research, Executive Education and business.  

In so doing, and by being in direct contact with the current issues of Change in Business, NEOMA capitalizes on the leading-edge expertise of its teacher-researchers to serve its own development and that of the business world.