Success through Solidarity encourages vocations

NEOMA BS firmly backs the "Success through Solidarity" program to help the young talent of tomorrow reach higher education.

Each year, students from the School join the "Prépa'Rémois" association in Rheims and "Envie d'Sup" association in Rouen and meet local high school students from modest backgrounds to help them construct their study projects.   

The Prépa'Rémois association in Rheims, whose motto is "excellent tutoring for equal opportunity", has several units: Secondary school, High school, Prepa ECT (Preparatory classes for economics + commerce degrees majoring in technology), Post A-level and the "Phares" higher education program for the disabled.


The task of the Secondary and High School units is to help young people from the Marne region in their orientation projects through cultural outings, business meetings, and so on.

Numerous events are organized and last November, nearly 300 secondary school and high school students benefited from a day learning about lines of business and trades, together with advice from members of each profession to help them prepare their future.

The Post A-level unit helps young first-year students begin their studies and raise their awareness about the business world. It also helps an entire preparatory class to prepare for the written and oral competitions for technology majors.

Students have benefited in recent weeks from workshops and networking training, participated in coaching interviews to hone their career plan, and workshops on financing studies, presented by our partner, the Crédit Agricole du Nord-Est bank.

The "Phares" unit helps young people with disabilities access higher education.

In recent weeks, they have participated in two workshops allowing them to discover different business lines and career paths as well as numerous cultural outings.


The "Phares" unit of the Prépa'Rémois association has won several awards:

At the end of November, the SNCF Foundation rewarded their investment with young people by awarding them the "Solidarity Kudos" prize. A corporate sponsor has decided to support the project with a cheque for € 1,000 to finance a company visit with young people from the "Success through Solidarity" program.

In mid-January, they received the "Responsible Campus - Disability and Skills category" prize from the Responsible Campus organization. This prize rewards establishments with an exemplary policy in terms of global accessibility, thus allowing students with disabilities to access higher education courses, like anyone else.

Thanks to the support of loyal partners, the "Success through Solidarity" program is continually expanding. NEOMA BS takes great pride in backing our student tutors in their commitment.
You too can be part of this fine human venture by making a donation through the NEOMA Foundation.