Activity Report 2019





€ 8.7M collected since 2007


80from businesses
20from individuals

Allocation of donations in 2019


31Diversity and social openness, including 77% for scholarships i.e. 509 scholarships funded
41Innovative Pedagogy
20Free allocation

Viewpoint of Jacky Lintignat, President of the NEOMA Foundation

NEOMA, our School, is thriving, but we wish to develop further in order to be one of the best Business Schools on an international level. That goal can only be achieved with the support of our entire community: students, employees, alumni, parents, friends and partners.

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Viewpoint of Jacky Lintignat, President of the NEOMA Foundation

« NEOMA, our School, is thriving, but we wish to develop further in order to be one of the best Business Schools on an international level.

That goal can only be achieved with the support of our entire community: students, employees, alumni, parents, friends and partners. It is this united community that the NEOMA Foundation wishes to federate in order to provide our School with the means to fulfil its aims. For more than 10 years, the Foundation has been committed to Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Academic Excellence & Research and Campus conversion; 4 major areas of development for the School to become an innovative Challenger!

2019 was a good year in terms of projects and solidarity operations, and the strength of our network provides with an opportunity to do even better. Thanks to you, NEOMA accomplishes its missions  and achieves its aims! Thanks to you, we offer students a unique experience, enabling them to become the leaders of tomorrow


A word from Delphine MANCEAU, Dean of NEOMA Business School

NEOMA Business School has built its 2022 strategic plan around a stated aim: to develop and challenge established practices in the sector.

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A word from Delphine MANCEAU, Dean of NEOMA Business School

"NEOMA Business School has built its 2022 strategic plan around one clear aim: to develop and challenge established practices in the sector. With this agile initiative, characterized by the “test and learn” approach, NEOMA has stepped out of its comfort zone, driven by our intent to change the rules of the game. We must challenge the way we approach the international job market, educational methods, our vision of digital technology and the layout of campuses.
Our goal is not simply to follow innovations, but to create them.
To do so, we need all the talent we can get! This is why NEOMA has also made Diversity one of its top priorities. Thanks to our scholarship policy, we can welcome EVERY student, whatever their financial situation. NEOMA is expanding its talent pool and offering young people a future they could never have imagined was possible.
To support the School in these changes, we have adopted a resolutely collaborative approach. The School, the NEOMA Foundation and the NEOMA Alumni Association are working together to meet these challenges and mobilize our community of more than 69,000 women and men, students, teachers, graduates and partner companies, of which you are a one." 


2019 - A Community more committed than ever!

The NEOMA Foundation is above all a committed community (founders, corporate or individual donors, volunteers, employees), driven by the same purpose: to take action and make NEOMA Business School a strong, exemplary and innovative School.

The NEOMA Foundation is a source of pride! That of having developed a solid diversity and equal opportunities program, founded the first business incubators within the School and carried out research projects that have made NEOMA better known on the national and international scene.

The NEOMA Foundation means a sense of conviction! By combining our talents, we can go even further.

Here are the projects and operations initiated by our community in 2019.

For many years, NEOMA Business School has been actively engaged in social openness and the promotion of all forms of diversity. The NEOMA Foundation backs the School in promoting Diversity and actively supports the Handicap mission, Success through Solidarity, but its flagship initiative lies in funding an ambitious policy of social scholarships. These are financial aids for CROUS scholars that cover up to 55% of their tuition fees and thus create the conditions for a serene education.

Our goal is to support more and more scholarship students towards higher education.

With nearly 750 apprentices and more than 450 scholarships awarded in 2019, of the top ten Business School in France, NEOMA is the number one in terms of student financial assistance with 24% of students given grants.


The US Chapter is committed to diversity

The US Chapter, which is one of the most dynamic associations, organizes professional, cultural and networking events each month to bring together NEOMA alumni present in the United States.
These meet-ups also provide an opportunity to promote common values, reinforced during their time at NEOMA: equal opportunities, diversity and the wealth of difference.
Started with a charity dinner in late 2018, the US Chapter launched a fund-raising campaign to benefit the NEOMA Foundation's scholarship program. The campaign ran throughout the first half of 2019 and raised more than € 10,000.

"As Alumni, it is important for us to take action and defend what makes the strength and wealth of our heritage, in particular the diversity of talent." Marc-Antoine JARRY (PGE 94), member of the US Chapter.

Testimonial of Sébastien LEBEAU (PGE 92), co-facilitator of the US Chapter

“I am particularly sensitive to the challenges of diversity and inclusion. Giving an opportunity to people who cannot afford to attend a business school is one way of ensuring diversity. For me, diversity is not there just to look good. If we add inclusion, then we have met the conditions for innovation and creating value. It affects me a lot and concerns me in particular, because that is what happened to me. I come from a very modest family. Going to Paris was unimaginable for me when I was a child, so New York ... I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my parents who never stopped me, never said: "It's too expensive, we can't afford it." On the contrary, they taught me the freedom to do whatever I want. And if I have got where I am today, it is also thanks to the NEOMA Business School scholarship program from which I benefited. And especially because although I did not have the same social background as the other students, I still had the feeling I was in my place. It may be a cliché but it happens to be true. Business schools must not be reserved for an elite. There is so much talent elsewhere. That is my combat. I want people to understand that there are still too many closed doors that can be opened for others. And that changes your life."

Testimonial of Tamrath DEEN (MSC MIGP 2020), awardee of a scholarship

 “I'd like to start by saying that the staff of NEOMA Business School are very understanding and pro-active. I was in Africa when I learned of my admission to the School and I asked them for a month's delay to pay the first part of the tuition fees. To my surprise, I was told that I might be awarded a scholarship. So I applied and was accepted. This scholarship simply allowed me to come to France and integrate NEOMA.

I'd like to thank the donors from the bottom of my heart, because to young women like me, who are on the other side of the earth, they provide an opportunity to come to this school, and be given training which will be recognized all over the world. Thanks to this scholarship, I'm taking a course which will allow me to apply for all the jobs I'd like to have."


The ONU shares its sporting and inclusive values

The “Amicale des Anciens du Rugby” is a non-profit association within the meaning of the French law of 1901, with a simple objective: to strengthen the links between Alumni and NEOMA students through a collective, rallying sport: rugby. Each year, in conjunction with the Top Eight Association, it organizes a challenge in which its team, the ONU - Old NEOMA United, takes on the current NEOMA student team, for a friendly match between young and old!

Because rugby embodies values of diversity, social openness and generosity, in December 2019 our alumni organized a fundraiser to assist two NEOMA sports students and help them finance their tuition at the School.


Testimonial of Sébastien Ferras (PGE 16), President of the ONU

"The vast and empowering associative opportunities offered by NEOMA allowed me to chair the TopEight association and organize an event bringing together dozens of volunteers and several hundred participants at just 22 years of age.

NEOMA put me in touch with the right people at the right time. I integrated and adapted to the demands of the workplace naturally.

Once I graduated, I very quickly wanted to pass on what I had learned and discovered in such a fascinating university course. This is why, with dozens of Alumni rugby players, we set up the Old NEOMA United charity project which, thanks to the support of the Foundation, distributes several financial donations each year to scholarship recipients of State grants (CROUS).

Committing to the Foundation so that the education and opportunities offered by NEOMA are made available to a maximum number of students has a pragmatic, direct meaning for us and for our project.  

Thanks to the NEOMA scholarship policy, a major focus for the School and the Foundation, merit is rewarded and diversity encouraged! Help support our efforts to protect and develop that tremendous wealth."


Testimonial of Thomas (PGE 2021), awardee of a scholarship for excellence

"It was a great surprise to receive this help from the Foundation thanks to the donations made by the ONU. Not only did the grant considerably improve my daily life and reduce the pressure on my parents who made sacrifices to finance my studies, but it convinced me that I had chosen the right School.

I've also understood the values of Rugby conveyed so well by the NEOMA Alumni team, whom we meet each week with a passion in common. I know that we can all count on each other and that the alumni really support the students on this team and I'd like to thank them again. The team is united on and off the field and that's how we win games too. I did not doubt NEOMA's strong inter-generational values, but concerted action of this kind made a great impression on me and inspired me to give more of myself for the rest of my personal and professional life."

Faithful companies in favour of Diversity

NEOMA and its Foundation are fortunate to have companies that have been involved with their work for many years.
PwC, Caisse d'Epargne Grand-Est Europe and the Bred bank share the values of our School and are convinced, like us, that it is essential to give every talent a chance, no matter their background. Diversity is a valuable asset and it is important to help those who do not have the means to access excellent education and to offer them the opportunity to achieve their goals.

Testimonial of Alexandra Thirion, Director of Human Resources Development, CEGEE

“We are a long-standing partner of the School, which is consistent with our values and our recruitment needs. For companies to benefit from a pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds, these candidates must be able to benefit from excellent training upstream."

Testimonial of Nicolas Desurmont, Normandy-East Regional Director, BRED

“We have a common objective with NEOMA: to give brilliant students every chance to continue their studies and successfully integrate the workplace. It is by building bridges between education and enterprise that we shall be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow and train our future employees."

The CANE Foundation taking action with Success through Solidarity

Success through Solidarity, by being based on a tutoring system, aims to promote access to higher education for young people, regardless of their socio-cultural backgrounds, by giving them the keys to successfully engage in sectors of excellence.

“Success through Solidarity above all represents a human venture based on mutual trust. It means the ambition to move forward together, to win individual and collective victories and reach new heights! " Jacques-Emmanuel DAUGE, Academic Inspector of the Grand-Est


In 2019, the various initiatives undertaken revolved around 3 key points:

  • OPENING TO CULTURE, to open young people's eyes to a more global vision of the world and remove the social, psychological and cultural obstacles linked to social origins.
  • OPENING TO BUSINESS, to show young people the occupations in business and entrepreneurship and have them focus on a regional career.
  • DEVELOP SKILLS & BEHAVIOURAL KEYS to succeed in a higher education course: verbal fluency, openness, critical thinking, team spirit, sense of responsibility.


Highly positive 2019 results for the two associations Prépa'Rémois (Reims) and Envie d'Sup (Rouen):

  • 186 student tutors
  • 22 members of the Associations bureau (17 for Prépa Rémois and 5 for Envie d'Sup)
  • 416 young people supported
  • 13 workshops with professional staff 
  • 18 cultural shows
  • 5 theatre workshops
  • 3 trips: Vienna, Lille and London
  • 3 excursions: Provins, Versailles and the D-Day landing beaches
  • 1 company visit: the North-East Crédit Agricole


Testimonial of Ayse Nur, a beneficiary of the Success through Solidarity programme

“What struck me during our meeting with Crédit Agricole staff was the diversity of their profiles; I realized that there was no course or standard profile. I was particularly struck by the testimonial of a bank employee who was previously a paratrooper. His testimonial showed me that no future is set in stone." 

Testimonial of Yassine, beneficiary of the Success through Solidarity programme

“During the CV writing and cover letter workshop, I discovered that I had professional qualities that I never imagined. I did not think that being a fluent speaker of Berber, a rather rare language, could be an asset; nor that my work placements in a supermarket were considered to be professional experience! These workshops really allowed me to regain self-confidence!"

Testimonial of Frédéric Allaux, Director of Human Resources and Credit Development and General Delegate of the Crédit Agricole du Nord-Est Foundation

“Our engagement with NEOMA is not based on self-interest but on conviction.
Life in some of our regions is difficult and the social divide is sometimes extremely visible. “Success through Solidarity” is a way of getting young people out of an unfavourable environment by adopting an equal opportunities policy.
This approach is directly linked to the values carried by the Crédit Agricole Group, which organizes its operations around 3 cardinal values: solidarity, proximity and responsibility.
And it is important to put those values into practice. As part of the Success through Solidarity programme with the NEOMA Prépa'Rémois student association, we welcome young people every year to the Crédit Agricole or to our Village by CA in Reims. In addition to learning about our business lines or listening to testimonials from employees on their career development, we have introduced young people to the world of startups and innovation: a new way of introducing them to other facets of the Bank and incite callings!"



Entrepreneurship is a deliberate choice in NEOMA's development strategy. Both the School and the Foundation are convinced that by developing the entrepreneurial spirit we are making our students more innovative, more agile and more professionally ambitious!
This is why, with a specially-designed course, an academic infrastructure to serve students and numerous events, we are developing a genuine entrepreneurial ecosystem within the School.

Incubators allow us to let students realize their ideas and achieve their aims. Over 300 projects have been incubated and 170 start-ups launched since the creation of the Incubators

KPMG supports education and entrepreneurship

A long-standing partner of NEOMA, KPMG, strengthened its ties with the School in 2019 by signing a partnership agreement around a dual aim and common DNA shared by KPMG and the School: entrepreneurship and research.
As a major player in the economic development of businesses and regions, KPMG has become the official partner of the Entrepreneurship major of the Master in Management (Programme Grande École) and actively helps to enrich the programme. This educational commitment is backed by research in conjunction with the team of teacher-researchers from NEOMA in order to explore open innovation practices.

Testimonial of François QUEDINIAC (PGE 97), Partner, KPMG

 “We actively encourage entrepreneurial ventures by supporting our customers, of course, but also in-house staff. Within KPMG, this takes the form of intrapreneurship in particular. Employees who wish to do so can post their ideas on our specially-designed Boom Room intranet site.  After a selection process by a jury, they will be able to develop their projects for three months within our own Accelerator, while remaining employees of KPMG. This gives us the opportunity to present an offer of innovative services to our customers or prospects highly focused on digital technology, healthcare and sustainable development. Entrepreneurship really is a hallmark of our firm. And in this respect, KPMG and NEOMA very clearly share the same DNA and the same vision of the ecosystem.
We are sponsoring the NEOMA MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme in the form of sponsorship with the NEOMA Foundation. For example, we support students with projects to challenge them and help them to develop their ideas. In June, we presented an award to the two winning teams of the "Let's Do It" Challenge 2020 with their projects “The Ayume” and “GoldDigger Consulting”.
To conclude, I can't help but mention the success of Nachos, a fast food start-up inspired by Mexican gastronomy, which spun out of the NEOMA Incubators in 2013. KPMG was the financial adviser to its founder during the first round of seed capital in 2018. NEOMA and KPMG have already been partners in entrepreneurship for a long time!"


The Demo Day, a 100% entrepreneurship day

Organized by the Startup Lab, the Demo Day is one of the many events that punctuate the entrepreneurial programme of NEOMA. This day allows young business creators to connect with potential investors, in particular.
Taking advantage of the Rouen Armada as an exceptional setting, the 2019 edition of the Demo Day was logically entitled "Pitch on the Boat".
The NEOMA Foundation, partner of the Startup Lab, was present throughout  the day and Jacky Lintignat, President of the Foundation, went to meet the people taking part in the event.


Experiential pedagogy

Digital technology, artificial intelligence, and big data are transforming our behavioural patterns, our ways of learning  and our environment, encouraging every sector to reinvent itself.  Higher education is no exception. In a constantly changing environment, NEOMA has rethought learning methods by deploying an experiential form of pedagogy, based on a real-life situation.


Ferrero involves NEOMA students in a real case study

A major partner of the School and the Foundation, Ferrero, called on second year Master students from our Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole) taking the Marketing Brand & Business Development major, to discuss how to link the communication between parent and surrogate brands of the Kinder power brand.
One objective for students, amongst others, was to develop a series of recommendations for the Marketing team in charge of the Kinder brand at Ferrero, in order to orchestrate future communication.
This was an excellent way to immerse students in the heart of the company and encourage them to innovate!

Testimonial Jean-Baptiste Santoul (PGE 92), CEO of Ferrero in France

“We want to foster a mutually beneficial partnership.  To do so, we have chosen to develop an extremely useful form of cooperation, synonymous with immediate benefits for students, but which, in parallel, fully addresses the challenges that Ferrero in France is facing today, all in keeping with the innovative nature of our brand. Over and above the academic excellence of NEOMA, which no longer needs to be proven, there was also a local side to this form of cooperation which particularly appealed to us."

PwC Luxembourg, official partner of the "Real Estate & Wealth Management" major

Co-construction of modules, tutorials hosted by business professionals, research projects, visits ... PWC Luxembourg actively takes part in training students in the field of property and asset management.

The partnership enriches the educational content of the major while being based on experiential learning, which is essential to encourage students to acquire knowledge. "Within our major, we focus on corporate real estate to understand the characteristics of this asset class and the different valuation methods," explains Stéphane Fourneaux, curriculum specialist.  "We are delighted with this partnership with one of the major players and pioneers in the sector, which offers our students an opportunity to discover the many business lines there are in consulting, engineering, financing and property management. Our tutors are experienced professionals who share their know-how with passion and also make our students aware of the new technologies that are revolutionizing this rapidly expanding sector."


Testimonial of Marc Schernberg (PGE 94), Partner, PwC Luxembourg

“PwC Luxembourg and its employees display real business knowledge and we are proud to now be able to transmit this professional expertise to the younger generations. Helping to train the talents who will soon join the audit, expert consultancy and finance professions is part of the key role that a stakeholder such as PwC Luxembourg must play.”

Starting Days

"STARTING DAYS" is the name given to the integration seminar for 1st year students of the Master in Management (Programme Grande Ecole). Supervised by coaches, students are divided into teams and given 4 days in which to imagine a social entrepreneurship project which will help to improve, positively and sustainably, the living conditions of people; a challenge of reconciling a business model and social utility. For the autumn 2019 edition, more than 1,100 students spread across the Reims and Rouen campuses took part in the teamwork.

A jury consisting of the NEOMA Foundation and partner companies of the event, such as the Caisse d'Epargne Grand Est Europe, the Caisse d'Epargne Normandie  and the Matmut, met at the end of the seminar to decide on the best projects.


Companies are currently undergoing major transformations. Business lines change very quickly. The School's task is changing.  Our ambition is to prepare our future graduates to become employees who are agile, creative and constantly learning, who will provide the best support for the changes of tomorrow.

The campuses of tomorrow

NEOMA is rethinking its educational approach and is continuing to invent a student experience that will be consistent with the practices of new generations. To support these changes, the School is deploying new types of 3.0 educational spaces on its campuses. After E-bubbles and Weems (soundproofed connected spaces with individual seating or four places) the School is taking it to the next level with the creation of Augmented Learning Rooms. These connected, fully modular classrooms combine the ideal conditions to enable, undergo and share experiential learning.

Testimonial Christine Marcouyoux (PGE 76), CEO of PRODUCTIS

 “We see it every day, the world and the future are full of uncertainty. We therefore have to adapt and prepare the talents of tomorrow to respond to the unexpected. And innovation is how we'll do it! This is the reason why I support the NEOMA Foundation. So that our young people can develop on campuses conducive to creation, so that they can be ready to respond to the uncertainties of tomorrow. "

Giving Tuesday - A day of solidarity for the renovation of our campuses

As part of Giving Tuesday 2019, International Solidarity Day, the NEOMA Foundation appealed to its entire community to support the NEOMA Campus development projects with it, and contribute to the renovation of the School's historic lecture halls: the Grand lecture hall in Reims or the Vaudour lecture hall in Rouen!
This campaign raised more than € 10,000 for the renovation of the lecture halls.

This is a first step in an ambitious real estate project with campuses equipped with collaborative, connected, modular infrastructures that meet the School's CSR challenges, to create tomorrow's places of learning.


Why you should take action ?

Give back to the School that has given so much to you and engage with new generations

Help your School to stand proudly among the best French and international Business Schools


Share the School's vision of innovation and invest in it

Donate to take effective action and give meaning to the taxes you pay

Help the School to develop its social scholarships policy and thus promote diversity and equal opportunity

Testimonial of Laurent Sebaux (PGE 84), Partner, Audiens Conseil

“As a former graduate, it is important for me to invest in the development projects of my School. I am particularly sensitive to the support we provide to younger generations. This is why I have chosen to engage with the NEOMA Foundation for several years and allocate my donation to diversity, so that students have the same chance of continuing their studies. That donation helps foster the wealth of diversity of the profiles who join the School."


THANK YOU for being by our side

How you can take action?

Involve your employees

Inspire your entourage, your class year or your association

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The Executive Committee of the Foundation


Xavier Albertini (BBA 1992)

Avocat au Barreau de Reims depuis janvier 2000, Xavier Albertini est Avocat Fiscaliste Associé du cabinet ACG. 2ème adjoint à la Ville de Reims en charge de la sécurité, du culte et de l’évènementiel et Vice-Président de la région Grand-Est, en charge de la stratégie et de la prospective, il met sa connaissance du territoire au service du déploiement de la Fondation.

Michel Clément (PGE 1975)

Après une brillante carrière à l’international dans le secteur des télécommunications, Michel Clément met aujourd’hui son expérience au service de la Fondation et contribue activement aux projets de développement de l’École et aux bourses.

PwC, représenté par Philippe Couderc (PGE 1987)

Le cabinet PwC, représenté par Philippe Couderc, Associé, est engagé aux côtés de la Fondation NEOMA depuis sa création. Il l’accompagne dans son développement
et dans la découverte et la formation des nouveaux talents.

Jean-Michel Huet (PGE 1997)

Associé chez BearingPoint depuis 2004, Jean-Michel Huet soutient les actions de la Fondation et notamment les évènements de réseau contribuant à mobiliser la communauté.

Jacky Lintignat, Président de la Fondation NEOMA (PGE 1975)

Ancien Directeur Général de KPMG France, Jacky Lintignat est impliqué depuis de nombreuses années au sein de l’École. Il a rejoint le Comité Exécutif de la Fondation en 2017 et en assure aujourd’hui la Présidence.

Delphine Manceau, Directrice Générale de NEOMA Business School

En tant que Directrice Générale de l’École, Delphine Manceau accompagne la Fondation dans ses orientations stratégiques en partageant avec le Comité éxécutif l’ensemble des enjeux et perspectives de l’École.

NEOMA ALUMNI, représentée par Stéphane Roques (PGE 1995)

L’association des diplômés, représentée par Stéphane Roques, Délégué Général Medicen Paris Région, mobilise un réseau de  diplômés autour des projets de la Fondation.

Didier Taupin (PGE 1982)

Fort de près de trente années d’expérience à des postes de Direction Générale dans le domaine des services professionnels, Didier Taupin, supporte activement les activités de NEOMA BS Incubateurs depuis sa création.

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