Equal opportunity: an absolute priority

For many years, NEOMA Business School has been actively engaged in social openness and promoting all forms of diversity.

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Social scolarship

No student should be prevented from attending NEOMA BS for financial reasons!

Based on an ambitious policy of social scholarships, NEOMA, with the backing of the NEOMA Foundation, has implemented several solutions for financial support:

  • Social scholarships for recipients of State grants (CROUS) that cover up to 55% of their tuition fees and thus create the conditions for a serene education.
    Systematic, anticipatory support, adjusted as necessary to help increasing numbers of scholarship students reach higher education
  • Excellence scholarships to attract the best international students.
    Defending diversity also involves promoting multiculturalism on our campuses. Diversity is a genuine boost for promoting NEOMA on the international scene.


Since the creation of the Foundation, nearly a thousand students have been financially supported.


Values shared by an inclusive community

Testimonial by Léo Messey, grant recipient

“I remember perfectly well when I chose to join NEOMA Business School: Acceptance Day. I was attracted by the character of the School, its atmosphere, and I crossed my fingers to be admitted! But although I was already a CROUS State grant recipient, I could not afford to pay the tuition fees of a leading Management School. But upon my admission, I received an email from the NEOMA Foundation explaining how to obtain a scholarship. My tuition fees were cut in half for my first year, pending my decision either to continue on a work-study program or apply for another scholarship. Anyway, at this crucial time in joining a Business School, the hand held out by the School immediately made me feel better. No doubt about it, I feel at home at NEOMA Business School!"

Testimonial by Anne Browaeys (PGE 97), Marketing, Digital and Technologies Director, Club Med
Testimonial by Alexandra Thirion, Director of Human Resources Development, CEGEE:

“We have invested as a new partner in this system, which is consistent with our recruitment needs. For companies to benefit from a pool of candidates from diverse backgrounds, the candidates must be able to benefit from excellent training upstream."

Testimonial by Nicolas Desurmont, Regional Director for Eastern Normandy, BRED bank:

“We have a common objective with NEOMA: to give brilliant students every chance to continue their studies and successfully integrate the workplace. It is by building bridges between education and enterprise that we shall be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow and train our future employees."


Disability Task Force

After a commitment for more than ten years to the issue of disability, NEOMA has signed the Conference of Business Schools (CGE) Disability Charter ratified by the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation.

In coordination with General Management, the disability task force implements a disability policy focusing on 3 main issues:


Upstream of studies: to remove barriers and self-censorship and support young people with disabilities towards higher education

Since 2011, NEOMA has been leading the PHARES "Success through Solidarity" program - Overcoming disabilities, Advancing and Succeeding in Higher Studies.


During studies: to raise awareness and train in diversity management and support students with disabilities throughout their academic careers

After studies: support to obtain their first job

Values shared by an inclusive community

Testimonial by Bénédicte Dulaquais, Director, Accreditations, Certifications and CSR Unit, NEOMA

“Our students need more diversity to face the realities of our current society as soon as they graduate. Supporting young talents from diverse backgrounds means serving all of our students and telling them: this path of excellence is also for you, you have your rightful place!"

Testimonials from recipients

“I am subject to fairly violent attacks of anxiety which regularly prevent me from leaving home and going to school. I met the disability task force to discuss it with them, who told me to go to university doctor to get an attendance waiver. It posed no problem and I appreciated that because it relieves me and means I don't need to go and see the doctor each time I am absent. The team has been very responsive and are always ready to listen to me when i need them."

“From a very young age I have always wanted to surpass myself. Maybe that's why I am very attracted to sports management. I like all sports. I love football, I practice fencing and I hope to be able to take part in the next French Handisport Championship in Bordeaux. My wheelchair has never been an obstacle. Today I am taking a standard course within NEOMA, I was given the opportunity to have my first experience abroad and go to Spain for 7 months and the only thing I want now is to go somewhere else soon."


The "Success thtough solidarity" program

Accredited by the French Ministry of Education and Youth and by the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, the "Success through Solidarity" program is a partnership between NEOMA and 16 colleges and high schools in the Normandy and Eastern France regions. Based on a tutoring system, the program is designed to promote access to higher education for young people, regardless of their socio-cultural backgrounds, by giving them the keys to successfully engage in sectors of excellence.

Each year, around 150 NEOMA students act as tutors for 350 secondary and high school students. In all, some 3,000 young students have been tutored by the NEOMA team.

Support for young recipients focuses on 3 main issues:

Cultural openness

Skills development and core behavioural skills

Awareness of the corporate world and its business lines

The NEOMA Foundation supports associations dedicated to social openness bringing together student tutors on campus: Prépa'Rémois in Rheims and Envie D'Sup in Rouen.

Values shared by an inclusive community

Testimonial by Ayse Nur, beneficiary of the "Success through Solidarity" program

“What struck me during our meeting with Crédit Agricole staff was the diversity of their profiles; I realized that there was no course or standard profile. I was particularly marked by the testimonial of a bank employee who previously was a paratrooper. His testimonial showed me that no future is set in stone."

Testimonial by Yassine, beneficiary of the "Success through Solidarity" program

“During the CV writing and cover letter workshop, I discovered that I had professional qualities that I never imagined. I did not think that being a fluent speaker of Berber, a rather rare language, could be an asset; nor that my work placements in a supermarket were considered to be professional experience! These workshops really allowed me to regain self-confidence!"

Testimonial by Frédéric Allaux, Director of Human Resources and Credit Development and General Delegate of the Crédit Agricole du Nord-Est Foundation:

“Our engagement with NEOMA is not based on self-interest but on conviction. Life in some of our regions is difficult and the social divide is sometimes extremely visible. The "Success through Solidarity" program is a way of getting young people out of an unfavourable environment by adopting an equal opportunity policy. This initiative is directly linked to the values backed by the Crédit Agricole Group, which organizes its operations around 3 cardinal values: solidarity, proximity and responsibility. And it is important to put those values into practice. As part of the Success through Solidarity program with the NEOMA Prépa'Rémois student association, we welcome young people every year to the Crédit Agricole or to our Village by CA in Rheims. In addition to learning about our business lines or listening to testimonials from employees on their career development, we have introduced young people to the world of startups and innovation: a new way of introducing them to other facets of the Bank and incite callings!"