The Founding Members


Philippe Couderc (MGE Reims 87), Partner of PwC France
"Alongside other founding members and donors, we are particularly proud of having helped NEOMA Business School Foundation launch its social project with, in particular, the funding of some 200 study scholarships and the setting up of the Chair in Social and Solidarity-Based Economy"

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Yves Goblet

Yves Goblet (MGE Rouen 73), Former President of the Rouen Campaign Committee, President of Magic Recycle
"The creation of NEOMA Business School Foundation will help us optimize our results in terms of patronage and so fly the colours of our School far and wide in different strategic areas."


NEOMA ALUMNI, Association of former NEOMA Business School students

Jean-Michel Huet (MGE Reims 97), President of NEOMA Alumni.
"The Foundation is an ideal facilitator to support young people and research, with new chairs in social economy and information technology in developing countries… "

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NEOMA Business School Foundation would never have seen the light of day without the support that accompanied both RMS Foundation and Rouen Business School fundraising department over many years. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all these patrons, and in particular the former founding members of RMS Foundation (PwC France and Luxembourg, Crédit Agricole du Nord Est and RMS-Network) together with the former members of the Rouen Campaign Committee (Ilan Benhaim – MGE 01, Michèle Ferrebeuf – MGE 76, Yves Goblet – MGE 73, Marc-Antoine Jarry – MGE 94, Jacky Lintignat – MGE 75, Eric Nodé-Langlois – MGE 89, Didier Taupin – MGE 82).

NEOMA Foundation
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