Scholarships and Equality of Opportunity

The NEOMA BS Foundation is actively involved in many initiatives to promote social diversity in higher education and especially business schools.  Our programmes to give support and advice to young people, and our academic scholarships form part of this commitment.

Academic Scholarships

The Foundation supports equality of opportunity in higher education by granting scholarships to NEOMA Business School students in financial difficulty that can cover up to 50% of their tuition fees. These scholarships apply to all the school programmes apart from Master 3 and PhD courses. Interest-free unsecured loans can also be given to students in Specialised Masters and Masters of Science programmes.

These scholarships are granted during two annual commissions, on three main criteria:

  • Academic excellence
  • The applicant’s family and financial situation
  • The applicant’s personal merit

To help them reach their professional objectives in the best conditions and welcome every talent, the NEOMA BS Foundation enables private individuals and companies to participate in these scholarships.

Discover the testimony of Cynthia, a student at NEOMA Business School and beneficiary of one of our scholarships:


Support and Advice Programmes

In order to defend diversity, equal opportunities values and to access to higher education, the NEOMA BS Foundation supports actions such as "Les Cordées de la Réussite" - "Prépa'Rémois" at Reims and "Envie d'Sup!" at Rouen - or even "Tremplin Pour Réussir". These actions allow to widen future perspectives for young people coming from modest backgrounds, especially by raising awareness to advanced study programmes.

Reims Campus : "Prépa’Rémois"

This programme, which since 2008 has been officially recognised as part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Finance “Cordée de la Réussite” programme, aims to make top-quality studies available to a people from a wide range of social backgrounds. The keystone of the project is the tutoring support of pupils from modest backgrounds of the Champagne-Ardenne Region by volunteer student-tutors from the association "Prépa'Rémois". About 10 high schools and secondary schools from Reims, Epernay and Vitry Le François take part in this plan.

To limit socio-cultural and self-censorship, two tutoring axes are established to encourage these young people to build a true future project: personal and cultural opening on one hand, and a better knowledge of advanced study programmes on the other hand. In this second section, pupils also discover new jobs thanks to organised compagny visits.

More than 50% of those who have been followed by "Prépa'Rémois" are now pursuing studies.




In order to better animate interactive activities, volunteer students can rely on consellors from the School's TCDU (Talent and Career Development Unit), on personal development teachers or external professionals. Pupils also visit companies to discuss with professionals and to discover new jobs.

Besides, cultural trips are regularly organised in theatres, cinemas, operas or during a journey to that pupils can widen their perspectives.



Beyond public subventions collected by NEOMA Business School, the Foundation also thanks the Credit Agricole Nord Est and the Groupe Courlancy for their support.


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Rouen Campus : "Envie d'Sup !"


"Envie d’Sup !" is recognised as part of the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Finance “Cordée de la Réussite” programme since 2008. it helps high school students to develop their competencies in order to build a study path in accordance with their ambitions :


  • To feel legitimate : to be better aware of their own abilities and to highlights their assets

  • To develop needed behaviours and competencies to succeed ambitious studies: verbal ease, open-mindedness, adaptability, sociability, sense of responsibilities...

  • To better understand the working environment and pathways to reach it

  • To constitute a relations network and to go into their personal orientation project in depth.

Since its lauch, this programme supported 170 yong people from 5 partner high schools of Rouen urban area.

In each of these establishments, "Envie d'Sup !" deal with a referent teacher who insure the link between NEOMA BS and the high school.


"Tremplin Pour Réussir"

Getting back into Higher Education

Fighting to prevent young people who have obtained their Baccalaureate from dropping out of education, believing in the potential of these young talents who don’t believe in themselves, giving them the desire to have a successful career: this was the challenge taken up by Ferrero France, in partnership with NEOMA Business School when they launched the Tremplin Pour Réussir (Springboard to Success) project en 2007.

This programme targets Baccalaureate holders less than 22 years old who have dropped out of education. The aim? To offer them a year’s refresher course to reinforce what they learnt at school, to help them to define their career plan and so to help them get back into higher education.

Since the creation of the project, nearly 120 students who had dropped out of education have benefited from the refresher courses. On the programme: reinforcing the basics (French, History, Philosophy etc.), but also an introduction to Management (Accounting, Law, Marketing, Trade etc.).

The teaching team, made up both of professors from the School together with outside experts, also leads workshops in personal, cultural and professional development.

The initiative has turned out to be a genuine success, since 70% of the students taking part in the Tremplin pour Réussir project have followed, and in some cases are still following, higher education courses, on the  Rouen campus, in different business schools or in universities or Specialised Masters programmes.

"After suffering personal and academic failures, I consulted the SUIO (University Information and Orientation Service).  They talked to me about Tremplin Pour Réussir. Right from the start of the year the administrative staff and the professors gave me confidence in myself and in my potential. It was all I needed to get going again” says Laetitia, a Tremplin Pour Réussir student beneficiary.

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