Entrepreneurship is one of the School’s major concerns. We are indeed convinced that our young entrepreneurs must be supported in their aim of imagining and developing new markets.

With this in mind, a company creation project incubator was set up in 2011 on our Rouen campus, and in 2013 on our Reims campus, to help our budding entrepreneurs to achieve their ambitions.

These incubators, which are there to serve our students, have many advantages.

If we take the Rouen campus incubator as an example, it offers free, 24/7 access to offices equipped with Internet and telephones. This joint accommodation makes it possible for the entrepreneurs to meet, discuss their problems and share their solutions

It also offers comprehensive coaching: general accompaniment, development of the business plan, definition of deadlines, contacts with innovation networks etc. If required, it can also offer mentoring by experienced company heads. Finally, it puts the entrepreneurs in contact with experts (lawyers, chartered accountants, tax specialists etc.) who ensure that the project is technically sound.

The Reims Campus, which has only just launched its incubator in the very heart of Reims on the premises of the Reims and Epernay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hopes that very soon it will be able to offer the same quality of services and support as its counterpart in Rouen.

On the strength of this dynamic, and because Paris remains ours students’ favourite destination for their internships or first jobs, the School will open a new incubator in Paris in 2016.

Two years after the first structure was launched, the incubators have already achieved extremely encouraging results. In January 2011, four projects were being incubated. Six months later, that number has increased to ten. Today, the incubators have 26 projects in incubation, 69 in pre-incubation and more than 50 start-up creations. “More important than the figures is the fact that more and more students are coming to us of their own accord with a company creation project or just to join an existing team”  Denis Gallot, associate professor and responsible for the School's incubators, is delighted to note.



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To read more about these projects, please visit www.incubateur.neoma-bs.fr

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